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social emotional learning

Impacting over 150,000 students & educators to date, Move This World equips individuals with tools to address their social and emotional wellbeing in order to create healthy school climates where effective teaching and learning can occur. 


you can't learn when you're afraid

Move This World's tools and programmatic support create a safe environment for healthy self-expression where students will learn to re-direct their energy into creativity and allow teachers to actively shape their school culture.

Our e-learning platform guides you through the self-paced course of developmentally aligned, grade-level specific video tools to holistically integrate a regular practice of emotional awareness, expression, and management into the instructional day. 

Help students leave outside stressors behind and transition into a supportive, learning environment. Because you can't learn when you're afraid. 


our success is proven

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i'm a teacher

Increased focus in the classroom

Fewer classroom distractions with more time spent on instruction

Reduced chronic  absenteeism


i'm an administrator

Improved educator morale & retention

Improved school climate & culture

Completely self-sustaining programming


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