The First Online Solution for Building Emotionally Resilient Teams

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Less Time Stressing, More Time Thriving

Through Move This World's "Manage Mindfully" program, companies address and help employees manage their stress, build emotional resiliency and reduce inter-office conflict. Each tool is rooted in the process of self-reflection and self-care using a framework that provides a safe space for employees to explore difficult issues as a collective. 


Select the empathy training solution that's right for your workplace:



stress related ailments cost the nation $300 billion every year


Partner Outcomes


points increased in empathetic thinking


points increased in acceptance of others


points increased in emotional resilience skills

points increase in social awareness

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It's Science

Engaged Employees

Nearly 1 in 4 employees would like to quit this year because they are disengaged from their job. The biggest culprit? Stress. Let us help. 

Increased Productivity

Decreasing inter-office conflict means less time gossiping at the water cooler and more time working together towards a common goal. 

Higher Job Satisfaction

Gain the tools to make your office a safe & supportive space for all. Your employees will thank you.


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